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The full article re labor XENOPHOBIA & Jayant Patel

PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:00 am
by russellm
The full article re labor XENOPHOBIA & Jayant Patel

Jayant Patel 'groomed' as Scapegoat, to be denied a FAIR TRIAL, & found GUILTY.

Jayant Patel 'groomed' as Scapegoat, to be denied a FAIR TRIAL, & found GUILTY.

The Australian PUBLIC SHOW TRIAL, in Queensland, Australia, of INDIAN born and trained doctor, but now US resident, Jayant Patel, is being orchestrated to generate 'kudos' for the corrupt labor party government, in Queensland and the corrupt Australian labor government in Canberra, Australia.. This relies upon the corruption of the Queensland legal/'justice' system, that labor has developed over a number of decades. We list and hyperlink the substantial players below.

Current Femi-nazi Queensland Premier Anna 'Liar' Bligh has become so cocky that now, her thinking behind her public statements has nothing to do with honesty or the TRUTH, but only with what is the 'best spin'. Hence, when questioned about the committal of INDIAN born and trained doctor but now US resident, Jayant Patel, the immediate truth she felt she had to counter was the corrupt legal/justice system that has developed in Queensland, over the past few decades under labor.


PHOTO: Current Femi-nazi Queensland Premier Anna 'LIAR' Bligh. .

We produce this article for our International readers/viewers/website visitors, especially in India and the US, but also for citizens of most countries who could face the same criminal 'adventure' by this criminal labor government of the state of Queensland, Australia, were they to come to Australia. THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL. Also AN INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL is the manner that the Australian navy, acting on the instructions of the corrupt Rudd labor government in Canberra, caused the death of five foreign national ASYLUM SEEKING REFUGEES, in an explosion and fire on board the boat that was carrying 47 asylum seekers and two crew members near Ashmore Reef off North Western Australia.

PHOTO: Urgent help... a naval rubber ducky goes to the aid of the asylum seekers off Ashmore Reef as people paddle nearby. Five are confirmed dead from the fire.[Edit: The Post Mortem shows that, for the three recovered, they died from drowning.]Photo: Department of Defence.

This XENOPHOBIA and corruption in Australia is so evil, but the corruption within Australia is so great, that we, as Australians can do nothing to rectify it, apart from alerting the world . The Queensland labor government corruption has even attempted to stop that. This website/webpage is directed at CITIZENS of foreign countries. World political/'government' bodies such at the UN, nato, eu are neo-fascist and as such are corrupt.. Governments who conspire with such world bodies, just as does Australian labor's Kevin Rudd's, are corrupt. Thus, it is for people of the world to determine the way to counter this corruption. Let me know. Contact me. I believe the Internet is the basis of the solution as it allows better dissemination of information and knowledge.

The fact that INDIAN born and trained doctor but now US resident, Jayant Patel, is being charged with alleged criminal offences in Queensland, is an expression of the xenophobia of Australian labor governments and labor voters. The labor government acts in this way to increase support form labor voters. They see attacking foreign nationals as a way to improve their electoral prospects. As we have explained on many of our website pages, the extent of labor corruption across Queensland is incredible. Labor appointed judges include Jeffrey Ernest John Spender, Julie Maree Dick, wife of struck off, for fraud and perjury, ex labor lawyer Terence Joseph Mellifont, with crimes confirmed by the Queensland Supreme Court circa 1980, when the corruption in Queensland labor had not extended to anywhere near its present extent.
See MORE ADMISSIONS of labor CORRUPTION: by labor LACKEY & STOOGE Peter Roney, 're-appointed' decision making 'Member' of the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal and spouse of Brisbane Magistrate Christine G Roney aka Christine Roney.<= CLICK here for the FULL STORY

See this full article re labor XENOPHOBIA & Jayant Patel . As well, in this forum, we will include hyper links to the other examples of the CORRUPTION OF labor IN QUEENSLAND, Australia.

Current Femi-nazi Queensland Premier Anna 'LIAR' Bligh
says the publicity surrounding Patel will not prevent his going to trial. Queensland Premier Anna 'LIAR' Bligh is determined that Jayant Patel will be convicted. They have called Jayant Patel 'Dr Death'. From the beginning of this matter and Patel's appointment to Bundaberg hospital, Jayant Patel has been 'groomed' as the scapegoat. One of the charges levied against Jayant Patel, is that he did not inform the public sector parasites in Queensland Health Department, and other government parasites of information that was then, and has been proven to have been PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. They knew this information, but 'ignored' it to make their own jobs easier/better, knowing they could always claim ignorance, as they have done. We have the many written
ADMISSIONS of Queensland Public servants that they are bludgers, and thus fraudsters of the Queensland taxpayer. Jayant Patel was set up from the beginning to be the scapegoat. He was encouraged to continue in many ways including by his promotion.

"Queensland has a very robust and fair justice system," Femi-nazi Queensland Premier Anna 'LIAR' Bligh said after the committal to stand trial of INDIAN born and trained doctor, but now US resident, Jayant Patel. "I believe that people can and do get a fair trial here on a range of matters on a daily basis." Both LIES, and Anna 'liar' Bligh knew it and knows it, but let's consider her 'qualifications' of 'justice', in that statement: 'range of matters' and 'daily basis'. Real Justice cannot be qualified, but apparently it is in Queesland. Qualified Justice is Injustice. That is logical.
Thus, WE HAVE THE WIDELY REPORTED ADMISSION by Femi-nazi Queensland Premier Anna 'LIAR' Blight, that JUSTICE IS NOT GUARANTEED IN QUEENSLAND. Fair trials are ESSENTIAL in ALL matters, and at ALL times. Neither 'range of matters' nor 'daily basis' meets those requirements. Maybe she was thinking out loud. Regardless of apearances and public utterances of politicians, if any single person is denied a fair trial, then NO-ONE receives a fair trial. It is a matter of the 'definition' of a fair trial.

Corruption, in particular ELECTORAL FRAUD - to keep labor in power, is now so entrenched in Queensland, that fascist Anna 'liar' Bligh can say and do as she likes. We detail below the Queensland labor corruption culminating in the 'appointment' of corrupt individuals to the 'judiciary', including the wives of labor criminals, no doubt as an extra lever to 'keep them on the CORRUPT labor party line'. This includes Judge Julie Maree Dick and
Brisbane Magistrate Christine G Roney aka Christine Roney.<= CLICK here for the FULL STORY

This highly illegal hysteria about Jayant Patel [They have called Jayant Patel 'Dr Death'.], generated by the fascist governments of labor's Peter Beattie and Anna 'LIAR' Bligh, has been to cunningly improve the electoral prospects of the labor party. The ELECTORAL FRAUD also assists.

The whole motive behind the corrupt pursuit and trial of Jayant Patel, has been to distract and detract from labor's responsibility for the abysmal state of Queensland Health Department and the health service in Queensland, that has also developed in parallel with the corruption of the Queensland legal/'justice' system.

The labor of Wayne Goss, [and Kevin Rudd], Peter Beattie and present fascist Queensland Premier Anna 'LIAR' Bligh were not so dumb as to not realize that the essential step to enshrining labor corruption in Queensland, was the corruption of the judiciary and the 'justice' system. Queensland labor 'hijacked' the Fitzgerald Inquiry. The 'Association of labor Lawyers' was central to this. The 'Standing Royal Commission', with the powers of a Royal Commission, which grew out of the Fitzgerald Inquiry, was the Criminal Justice Commission now morphed into the Crime and Misconduct Commission [CMC], will tend to ensure that labor corruption is endemic in Queensland and now with corrupt labor Queensland's Kevin Rudd, nationally, in Australia.

Current fascist Femi-nazi Queensland Premier Anna 'LIAR' Bligh and labor has engaged in 'trial by media' of INDIAN born and trained doctor, but now US resident, Jayant Patel, so that they can WIN; just win everything, and have public opinion believing that they are acting for Queensland. Of course, this is an anathema to a 'fair trial' according to the principles of jurisprudence. [I am trained as a LAWYER.] This is not a worry of the labor frauds in Queensland, so they have introduced two FRAUDS ON THE JUSTICE SYSTEM: TRIAL WITHOUT A JURY, and MAJORITY VERDICTS by juries. Both were introduced, in expectation of the POLITICAL SHOW TRIAL of JAYANT PATEL., & Queensland Premier Anna 'LIAR' Bligh HAS ADMITTED THIS. The tenets of Jurisprudence mandate, a jury must be unbiased. Hence, previously, a government could not have pursued the TRIAL BY MEDIA, [They have called Jayant Patel 'Dr Death'.], that labor has done in this case. This would not have done for the Beattie Bligh corruption team. They wanted to use the 'media' to continue to steal political power in Queensland, and Australia. This they have done and are still in 'power'.

Queensland Premier Anna 'LIAR' Bligh says the publicity surrounding Patel will not prevent his going to trial. Previously, prior to the labor party government changing the law, requiring juries as mandatory in serious criminal trials, Patel's defence team could have required that he be not tried as the bad publicity, generated by the labor governments of Peter Beattie and femi-nazi Anna 'LIAR' Bligh, would mean that any juror would be biased. They have called Jayant Patel 'Dr Death'. Now, the corrupt Judge before whom it will most assuredly be heard, can say, "Well, Mr Patel has the option of a trail by judge alone." 'It is up to you, Mr Patel." - corrupt judge or highly biased jury.

Speaking of government censorship, I have actually had Queensland Police and previously, Queensland and Federal Police trying to close down my websites; not a part of their job. So I moved them off shore. They sent my overseas webhost an email: See viewtopic.php?f=6&t=37 /. In fact what they were attempting to CENSOR was EVIDENCE of labor ELECTORAL FRAUD. Corruption relies upon censorship; keeping matters 'secret' aka 'confidential'. Hence, the Internet and the ability to expose is an anathema to corruption.

The major internet considerations for the corrupt labor government of Kevin Rudd in Canberra, Australia, include 'providing the National Broadband Network [NBN] and the 'filter censorship' of the internet, put in the hands of corrupt 'labor inspired' public servants.
I have 19 websites, 23 Bulletin boards and 30 domain names. They are growing in traffic at better than 10fold per annum I spend about 100 hours online each week. I was so injured by the government corruption that I had experienced, I studied and obtained an LLB from The University of Queensland. [I am really a Mathematician.] I have been able to identify precisely much government corruption including ELECTORAL FRAUD. It has all been labor corruption. [I have the conclusive evidence.] This has included corrupt courts and judiciary appointed by labor. I have witnessed many clearly corrupt decisions by labor appointed judges and magistrates. I want this 'solved'. Clearly, the courts are not the appropriate way. As Western Australian ex MHR Graeme Campbell told me, he reckoned the solution to a major problem I had with Telstra [then called Telecom], was in the political arena.

I just wanted the extensive corruption eradicated. I believe all would then fall into place for me. Hence, I thought, the appropriate people to act on the evidence of labor fraud and labor ELECTORAL FRAUD, that I had was the Liberal/National/LNP. I gave many, Queensland and Federal, [I will name them on my websites], all the evidence. I saw one, by pre-arrangement, at parliament house, in Brisbane. He eagerly took down all the evidence. Nothing happened.

I have long been viewed as a nerd. [I know now I look like a nerd. See the MRI on my website /.] I long ago decided that I would never stand for a 'popular vote' elected position. However, it recently dawned on me, that with a 'Senate quota', of a maximum of only 14.28567...% of the vote, that the only way to possibly expose this corruption was if I stood for the Senate at the next Federal Election. I would guess that I would be far more computer literate than the majority of parliamentarians and the population at large. I am a 'reluctant politician'. I would rather be just building my websites. As I have spent progressively more time on the internet, I realise it is the means to solve so many problems of the world. Exposure, publicity has such a cleansing effect, internationally. Corruption relies upon secrecy, 'confidentiality' and keeping it that way, ie censorship.

I am wanting to invite Electors to send me Audio questions in OGG VORBIS exported from Audacity as an attachment to a phpContact form. I would then publish them and my answer. Of course, I do not wish to divulge my email address on my website.

If I were elected, I would anticipate that I would use the Internet and Bulletin Boards to be interacting with my electorate. That would raise the importance of the Internet in the Electoral Process. Even if I am not elected, I will do that. Hence, I can put that into place immediately.

I am hoping that what I am doing may enthuse one or a few citizens of other countries. I can reciprocate. I have very good Google rankings. see ... ond-google /.