Rare OPEN email addresses for Queensland Police

Rare OPEN email addresses for Queensland Police

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Below the TEXT and images, are the URLs/hyperlinks to the many aspects of this topic.

How Kevin Rudd is tied to Electoral Fraud and Police corruption

There are three OPEN email addresses for Queensland Police given in the police email in the concurrent posting. {Those bludging police will soon try to close them.}

[A short note re FORMAT of police email addresses: surname.FirstnameI@police.qld.gov.au where 'I' in 'FirstnameI' is the initial of the second name. Lower rank police are not permitted police email addresses. If however you know the name of a senior police officer and the initial of his second name, you should be able to construct his email address. Be prepared, for him to read your email to him and then have an email returned to you suggesting that the email was 'bounced' for a bogus reason and 'not delivered'. It is all about police bludging. They want to spend their police time improving the 'rewards' they receive. Why should they wish to help you? How will that improve their existence? Good 'Traditional' police work is not rewarded by a corrupt police force in a corrupt judicial and political system as exists in Australia at present. This is an example of the current neo-nazi fascist culture that is prospering in the Western world, as has been developing through-out the whole 20th century, where they thought Hitler was just a little too extreme and obvious.

Queenslanders should realise that email documents are LEGAL DOCUMENTS. [I am trained as a lawyer with an LLB.] If you wish to make a report to Queensland police this is an effective LEGAL method to communicate that to the Queensland Police. Our Police Email php Contact form uses official email addresses on Queensland Government websites for the Queensland Police, and the Queensland Police Minister, and some other elected parliamentarians [so there should be a record in a few places of your complaint to police]. Of course, like all public sector parasites, Queensland police will attempt to reduce the amount of work they have to do, so will attempt to reduce the number of complaints they receive. For this reason, they try to make reporting of crimes as difficult as possible. They dislike communicating by email. because it is the written word and it is far more difficult for them to deny. They will use the old chestnut of public sector parasites for many years: and that is that email is insecure. In fact, encrypted email is far more secure that snail mail, even REGISTERED SNAIL MAIL. If they, and all government departments, wished, they could provide the encryption procedure that would be followed for ever occasion. You do not have to organise anything to send public key encrypted email. Governments Departments can arrange all that is necessary. It is a 'policy' decision of government, on the advice of public sector parasites, to take this stance. The work load for these poor parasites would increase many fold if you could make email complaints.

I have found that making complaints to public sector parasites is ineffective. Also, if they take on a complaint against you, it is totally ineffective for you, to use their forum to try to make your case. I will explain below here the only effective method, that puts you in control and them on the back foot. So, but why, you ask, would I bother to complain to these public sector parasites? The benefit to me is that it gives me more material, content for my websites with names, [surprising what Google can tell you about so many names]. These little public sector parasites are so incompetent, and criminal in their actions, telling the truth about them with their names and any other information you can find about them, makes them laughing stock. Google just loves all that detail and indexes it all.

The reader can see that I have picked the forum: the Internet. The internet is not a passing phase. It, and Google are MATHEMATICAL, and thankfully, I am first and foremost, a MATHEMATICIAN. Otlichno!

Additionally, everything in Australia is POLITICAL. To understand Australian politics, one has to understand how Australian Politics fits into WORLD politics. This is especially valuable as the Internet is worldwide. Apart from India and China, the major groups in world politics are Muslims, Judaism/Zionism, neo-nazi/fascists and Orthodox Christian/Slavs. Throughout the 20th Century, the nazi fascist ideology and culture has predominated in Europe, and strengthened their position in the world. The fascist ideology influenced the devellopment of the UN, the US and he EU. An example of the that neo-nazi fascist culture that has been prospering in the Western world, has been developing through-out the whole 20th century, is linked here. They thought Hitler was just a little too extreme and obvious, and only a little.

So be prepared: it is possible for police and other public sector parasites, after they have read it, to 'bounce' the email with a message that it has not been 'delivered', for some ostensible reason. I have had public sector parasites try that one with me. What the police are then likely to do is to ban your email address, [so have a another, few, if that occurs to you].

So, don't waste you time pursuing the public sector parasites. Your time, as I have found, can be so much better spent creating Internet websites. These public sector parasites have given you the material, [and just like this corrupt police email continue giving you more content], that Google will love and index. It is easy, very inexpensive and creates so much value, wealth for yourself.

[I may even produce one of my 'php email contact forms' and rotate it around my many websites; or for that matter, put it on each of my websites, [it is afterall exactly the same code for each], with URL links to them from a central page. Wait for it. Bookmark this spot as I will put a link from this sentence to that central URL where all my contact form URLs are listed, and that is not just for police. For the police php contact form, I will also place the email address for the Queensland Police Minister, regardless of whom is filling that position at any time. Google will soon be channelling people though my php Contact forms. That is an example of my producing something that is useful.]

ImageARMED ROBBER [with violence] Henri Elias Rantala. and

ImageARMED ROBBER [with violence] Monica Antony [BigA for Antony] and

ImageARMED ROBBER Henri Elias Rantala continued the FRAUD
CORRUPT POLICE and ARMED ROBBER named Henri Elias Rantala and

ImageARMED ROBBER Monica Antony [BigA for Antony] continued the FRAUD
CORRUPT POLICE and ARMED ROBBER named Monica Antony [BigA for Antony] and

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