ARMED ROBBER [with violence] Henri Elias Rantala.

ARMED ROBBER [with violence] Henri Elias Rantala.

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ARMED ROBBER [with violence] Henri Elias Rantala. The public sector parasite, and CRIMINAL, GUILTY of ARMED ROBBERY with VIOLENCE, Henri Elias Rantala. ALL THE EVIDENCE is CONCLUSIVE and IRREFUTABLE.
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These five of Steve Beck, Owen Benvenuti, Paul Maxwell, Monica Antony [BigA for Antony] and Henri Elias Rantala, plus others formed a CRIMINAL JOINT VENTURE. They are all guilty of the offences carried out for a COMMON PURPOSE. The entry to my Property, house and home was illegal as I had exclusive possession, and they, all jointly and severally, were not authorised to enter my property and none was authorised to enter my home. None was authorised by Common law, and Queensland Statute Law provided the procedure they should have followed, in the circumstances of their letter if they wanted to gain legal entry to my home and property. Clearly, they believed that such may be difficult, [they had no grounds as shown by the photographs taken that day], so decided to CRIMINALLY INVADE the home of a vulnertable disabled elderly man. In short they required a COURT ORDER, after giving me my my Common Law right of Due Process aka Natural Justice aka Procedureal Fairness. Due Process involved giving me 'The Right to be Heard'. That is an aspect of Natural Justice within the field of Administrative Law. That is all enshrined in the relevant Statute. [I am trained in Law with an LLB and am undertaking a PhD in Cross Disciplinary topic: Law and Logic/Rigorous reasoning.]

What is more, they gained entry, WITHOUT MY APPROVAL and stated to me that my 'consent' was 'not required'. As they entered as a joint exercise, ILLEGALLY STOLE PROPERTY, CHATTELS, with the intention which has eventuated of depriving me permanently of them/it, and two were, at that time, ARMED WITH HANDGUNS and HANDCUFFS [a dangerous weapon not legitimattely possessed, in Queensland], ALL ARE GUILTY OF ARMED ROBBERY. These FACTS are not disputed by anyone. See the photos. Big A for Antony, is shown with her gun in her holster, and other photos show them both with GUNS. Their letter is conclusive PROOF of what they did.

This report will be an integration of various aspects covered across all of these links, below, on the Global Internet SELF HELP Justice Network of Websites, Bulletin Boards and FORUMS. Google Yahoo et al will just LOVE IT.

PET MAFIA in Queensland Sponsored by rspcaqld Inc
Colin J Strofield [Corrupt magistrate ex Police Solicitor] /.
Walter H Ehrich, Corrupt Magistrate since 10 October, 1994
Henri Elias Rantala, another perjuring pig
check this dummy's photo /.
Monica Antony, another perjuring piglet
[check her photo -more like PIGlet or BIGlet /.

rspca FRAUD & CRIME masquerading as charity

FORUM for naming +more of Australian Fraudsters .
Fiona Ferguson, DPI's Corrupt Rubber Stamp for Corrupt rspca CRIMES

Sue Graham, FRAUDULENT Poodle Dog Breeder .
Tracey Jackson, rspca CRIMINAL & DUMB FRAUDSTER .
Shane Towers-Hammond rspca perjurer & FRAUDSTER
Douglas Porter, Registrar, 'til 28 January, 2009 of The University of Queensland [how did this bully find his way in here] .

Queensland Government's Dept of Primary Industries&Fisheries
Queensland's Canine Control Council
Poodle Club of Qld Inc.

Pedigree Poodle Breeders: BEWARE FALSE & BOGUS 'Pedigree' Certificates

This posting and many like it on this Network are like this because they are 'work in progress' as I put 'posting pages' into the Global Internet SELF HELP Justice Network of Websites, Bulletin Boards and FORUMS so that I have the actual URL links I need to put into a series of posting I am preparing for this website. I improve the search engine ranking of my 'true story' if I post it across a few different Bulletin Boards on this the Global Internet SELF HELP Justice Network of Websites, Bulletin Boards and FORUMS. This then ensures that I have 'secured' this URL to include in the multiple postings I do. You can do this also with any 'articles' or 'series of postings' you do on this Global Internet SELF HELP Justice Network of Websites, Bulletin Boards and FORUMS.

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