Marcus Einfeld FRAUD:arrogant disregard for other road users

Marcus Einfeld FRAUD:arrogant disregard for other road users

Postby russellm » Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:10 am

Marcus Einfeld FRAUD CIRCUS: & his arrogant disregard for other road users.

As stated by Janet Fife-Yeomans in her Daily Telegraph article, of 9th January, 2007, now online,

"Strike Force Chanter's investigation uncovered the ex-judge's history of challenging traffic fines and led to 238 people being charged after an audit of those who used similar means to avoid traffic fines."

ABC radio news stated online on 11th December, 2007,
"Prosecutors yesterday said they would allege Einfeld lied under oath to avoid penalties for four traffic offences between 1999 and January last year, when he said other people were driving his car at the time."


As of the 31st October, 2008 Marcus Einfeld has admitted he lied when he stated he was not driving his Lexus Registerd Number AJR-16E, which was recorded as travelling at 10kilometers per hour about the speed limit for that area. There is now no doubt that he was the driver.

After having been caught for traffic infringements thrice in the previous eight years, Marcus Einfrld showed no remorse. So not only did he not bother driving appropriately, he continued with his total disregard for other road users and their safety.

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