OPEN LETTER to CORRUPT judge Henry George Fryberg

OPEN LETTER to CORRUPT judge Henry George Fryberg

Postby russellm » Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:43 am

OPEN LETTER to CORRUPT PARASITE judge Henry George Fryberg, [of the Supreme Court of Queensland, Australia], who PROTECTS GOVERNMENT ARMED ROBBERS, when they IN COMPANY, AND WHILE ARMED WITH GUNS, ROBBED a defenceless DISABLED old man

Criminal Henry George Fryberg,
Corrupt judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland,

I desire your corruption to be known to the world.

Henry George Fryberg, judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland, used his position, to protect ARMED ROBBERS, Members of this present CORRUPT labor GOVERNMENT. He had been corruptly appointed to this role of judge by the same corrupt Queensland Government that committed criminal offences, including the the HEINER AFFAIR; the destruction by Queensland labor Government's Wayne Goss of the EVIDENCE implicating his PAEDOPHILE friend, to protect that paedophile high ranking labor party 'official' from punishment for his crimes of paedophilia. FRYBERG'S action of protecting these ARMED ROBBERS was clearly just a part of his repaying the debt due for his corrupt elevation.

Fryberg's Corrupt order was reported by the present corrupt Queensland government [that is NOT a wild allegation but the evidence can be left to another time, concentrating here on this corrupt judge Henry George Fryberg] at ... Orders.pdf /.

I am publishing this as an OPEN LETTER, as this CORRUPT JUDICIAL SYSTEM, that arm of Government that we have here in Queensland, would issue a suspression order and characterise this letter as something very different, were I to write this as a private letter. [Why would I bother, anyway? I wouldn't. My purpose is to PUBLICISE GLOBALLY, THE CORRUPTION in Australia.] Clearly, I think very poorly of this JUDICIAL PARASITE. If I tried to state this in court, he would order me to be quiet, so silencing me. If I continued, he would find me in CONTEMPT OF COURT, for ignoring his order.

Now this is where having a legal training is beneficial. I cannot be convicted of CONTEMPT OF COURT, for verballly critising a judge, even if he wasn't a criminal. All the PRECEDENT relating to contempt of court shows that a charge of contempt of court can NEVER be used to protect an individual. The charge is to protect the court, NOT the judge. I have had a UNAMIMOUS WIN in the Queensland Court of Appeal on just this, when this parasite magistrate W John Smith, re-phrased my comments into something I did not say, denied me a hearing and imprisoned me for seven day for allegedly 'insulting' him.

Henry George Fryberg can be proven conclusively to be corrupt from two different angles. He clearly did not make an innocent mistake. He set out to protect STATE CRIMINALS.

FIRSTLY, just two day prior to this act of corruption, he scoffed at the SAME EVIDENCE when the SAME ORDER had been requested of him, by other parasites, but not government/state parasites.

SECONDLY, he cannot make this order, UNLESS THE MATTER THEN BEFORE HIM, at THAT TIME, IS DEVOID OF SUBSTANCE. In fact, in this instance, the Brisbane City Council had, by its STAFF and CONTRACTORS, committed MULTIPLE CASES OF ARMED ROBBERY IN COMPANY. Fryberg had before him the the the CONCLUSIVE INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF, the Brisbane City Council's OWN DOCUMENT and this CRIMINAL, this CORRUPT JUDGE, acted to PROTECT ARMED ROBBERS. He continued the PROTECTION of the ARMED ROBBERS previously AFFORDED to these ARMED ROBBERS by the Corrupt magistrate Walter H Ehrich, Corrupt Queensland Magistrate since 10 October, 1994.

CORRUPT POLICE and ARMED ROBBER named Monica Antony [BigA for Antony] and
CORRUPT POLICE and ARMED ROBBER named Henri Elias Rantala and all were protected by the Corrupt magistrate Walter H Ehrich, Corrupt Queensland Magistrate since 10 October, 1994.

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Russell G H Mathews BCom BSc LLB BA
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